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At Advantage Insurance Agency, we know that the health insurance landscape has become complex, and in many cases, the marketplace has become limited. Let us help you obtain broad insurance protection for your business. Our agents are dedicated to helping you navigate your policy options.

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Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is a great benefit to help retain current employees and attract new ones. Advantage Insurance Agency has access to business health insurance plans to fit every company’s unique needs. This includes:

Major Medical
The purpose of major medical insurance is to help cover costs associated with doctor visits, prescriptions, hospital visits, etc.

This is an additional benefit for employees to help replace income for non-occupational disabilities. There are short-term and long-term options available.

Dental & Vision
Dental and vision insurance for businesses are to help cover costs associated with dentist visits, trips to the eye doctor, glasses, prescriptions, and more.

Individual Disability Insurance
Group Health Insurance

Individual Disability

We also offer individual disability insurance to those not employed by a business. This includes:

Disability Income
Disability income provides monthly benefit to a person that cannot work because of disabling injury or illness.

  • Its purpose is to replace income that is lost due to the disability.
  • There is a probability of becoming disabled before retirement age, but our agents have you covered. (Maleh & Bosley, 2020)
(Maleh, J., & Bosley, T. (2020, June). Disability and Death Probability Tables for Insured Workers Born in 2000. Baltimore; Social Security Administration.

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