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Workers Compensation Coverage for Business

Based in Indiana and Ohio, Advantage Insurance Agency provides reliable workers compensation coverage for businesses. We serve clients in more than 30 states, and can find a policy for your business no matter where you’re located. As an independent agent, we’re able to work with numerous insurance companies.

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Keeping Our Clients Informed

We’re committed to educating our customers on the ins and outs of workers compensation so they can make educated decisions to better manage their employees and program health. This is why we offer a range of resources in video training, tracking of employee safety, incident reporting, and employee safety handbooks.

Our team of dedicated advisors and insurance agents are here to help you manage your insurance costs, mitigate claims, and create a safer work environment while thoroughly understanding your options.

Workers Compensation Coverage
Workers Comp Insurance

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Let us provide protection for your employees in states where workers compensation and employment liability is provided by private insurance. When you Get The Advantage, so do your employees.

Our variety of workers compensation coverages can be personalized to your specific industry and business. This includes:

  • Workers Compensation and Employers Liability
  • Implementation of Employee Incentive Programs
  • Triage Services via Tele-Doc
  • Light Duty Placement and Return to Work Programs
  • Specializing in Proper Risk Transfer, Proactive Loss Control, and Overall Program Health
  • Vast Resources in Controlling Experience Modification Factors for Long-Term Savings
  • Video Training, Employee Safety Tracking, Incident Reporting, Employee Safety Handbooks


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Learn more about the workers compensation coverages we offer at Advantage Insurance Agency by heading to our Frequently Asked Questions. Contact us for more information and we’ll help you customize a plan for your business.

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From our offices based in Ohio and Indiana, we provide comprehensive workers compensation policies to clients in many states. Protect your business from future claims and ensure your staff and business are covered. Let Advantage Insurance Agency help you personalize a plan today.

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